How to Get a Free Norton Trial

Many people are wanting to know how to obtain a free Norton trial, without needing to spend any money at all. Well, the answer is basic – when you have a web connection and Norton security with backup review will be ready to test the software, you can receive your free Norton antivirus trial download in no more than a couple of minutes. Here’s how you do it…

Towards your free Norton antivirus 2021 download, you will need to go to a website that offers free trial offers, and download the software onto your computer. At the time you open the downloaded document, you will see an icon to shut the program container that says “Welcome to Norton Antivirus” (you’ll likewise see this icon in many other cost-free antivirus trial offers as well). You will then arrive at a web webpage that will request you to enter some information about your computer. You will probably be asked to select a security password, and to simply click “Go”.

At the time you click “Go” the program will then begin to search through all of your computer’s files, that may include any viruses or perhaps spyware that might have been added to your system. It will probably then teach you all the files that this has found, and what it will perform when it realizes them. Following it has uncovered the virus that it needs to remove from the computer, it will probably ask you whether or not you wish to run a full system diagnostic to ensure that the laptop is operating smoothly prior to it takes away the trojan from your program.