A Sucker For Love

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‘A Sucker for Love’ is a hilarious spin on the urban romance genre. It allows the reader to experience the search for true love from the Black Male perspective. Some of the touchy subjects that the characters in this story reveal their opinions on are children, sex, and religion. Insightful, comical, and yet true, ‘A Sucker for Love’ is a must read for aficionados of urban fiction.

 Urban Strike

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‘Urban Strike’ is a cautionary tale about a young black woman trying to do the right thing in her community. After twenty-five-year-old Fatima Richardson gives an impassioned speech about sexual responsibility to an audience of high school teens in Harlem, her life quickly spins out of control. It was not her intention for females in the audience to start a sex-strike, but that is exactly what happens. Now Fatima has to distance herself from this movement…and avoid angry young males in her neighborhood who wish to do her bodily harm.

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